Sunday, 21 June 2009

A new horizon...

It was a smooth journey to Cardiff yesterday.

My room has all the 'mod cons' mentioned in the Cats Protection Welcome Home booklet. I stayed in my carrier box most of the day however, or at least retreated back therein whenever my servant approached the door!

I let him rub my chin just to humour the fellow but it seems I'm still a long way from Kansas and Aunty Em. . .

Later, I decided that there was more room to stretch out under the bed. That chap attempted to appear all cat-like alongside with a rather uncouth slow-blinking number; so I showed him a few real moves. Perhaps he could be trained to copy a few of them should I decide to adopt him at a later stage!

I took his scent seeing as he stayed there for an hour. Perhaps he thought I'd have remained in the carrier for a month otherwise!

Oh what the heck! I'll bash my own scent all over him while he's here. . . he may be a useful asset - if I could just get him to leave the door open long enough to escape - or even a friend, who knows. . . we'll have to see.

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