Sunday, 28 June 2009

Seven and the regal tiger

Well, it's now been a week and there you have it. Apart from the photography fiasco (although I'll let this last one pass!) and certain strange sleeping patterns around here; everything seems to have taken a turn for the splendid!

I've yet to bother investigating whatever may lurk beyond the stairwell but someday soon, perhaps. I'll let you know. . . for now thanks for taking such a cultured interest in my affairs which I trust have been of the utmost inspiration.
Do drop by at more leisurely interludes, or whenever these otherwise frivolous times become too much of a strain on sophistication, sartorial elegance and sound sense!


  1. Anthropomorphic tosh!

  2. Now then, my politically consummate friend; do try and adopt a more erudite mode of expression in future!